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Our story

Trust our experienced & knowledgeable oyster shuckers to expertly open your oysters with finesse and precision. Learn more about our story and how we got started.

“I consider it a privelege to be part of the art that it takes to expertly shuck an oyster.”
Christopher Frank Recine

Meet Chris, the man behind Huîtres en mouvement™

Inspired by his father, who has been active in the shellfish business since the late eighties, Christopher entered the fish industry at an early age.

He then discovered his passion for these molluscs and has developed his art of opening oysters ever since.

Following years of working within the industry and working with direct oyster farms, he is definitely a man on a mission to introduce new and fresh ideas to the art of presenting fresh oysters to all.

Consider this his calling.

Fresh Oyster Platters Montréal,

Our seafood is fresh

Think of us as your personal fresh seafood market. Our state-of-the-art online store allows you to have access to the freshness and variety of our seafood products.

Oysters delivered to your door

Trust our experienced & knowledgeable oyster shuckers to expertly open your oysters with finesse and precision.

Oysters are carefully shucked & prepared just before delivery via refrigerated transportation.

Fresh Oyster Platters Montréal,

A Trip to Our Suppliers in Maritimes

The Trip

Every year, we pay a visit to our immediate shellfish suppliers to assess the grading quality of the oysters we buy.
With over 30 years of experience in the business, our top priority is excellent product quality and consistency.

Quality Control and Analysis

Product selection and oyster grading are key parameters to consider for year-round purchases.
We systematically check the size and type of all oysters before they leave our warehouse.

Boat Ride - Oyster Growth & Procurement

Once we have assessed the oysters, we share our knowledge about oyster growth and reproduction with both our employees and clients.

Oyster Sampling Straight out of the sea

To guarantee the freshest premium-quality products to our clients, we carry out sampling straight out of the sea.
This is our favourite part of the trip.

Respecting Nature is our Inspiration

We support sustainable farming practices because oysters help the surrounding ecosystem and environment.
Both native and farmed oysters have a purifying function. Indeed, they filter water by trapping atmospheric nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

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